Vintage Droids toon MAIL CALL!!!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-07-26, 07:44:49

Last week I received the final Droids MOC figure I needed to complete my run of all the Droids characters on their premiere cardbacks. The last hold-out was R2-D2... and it cost me an arm and a leg (not very appropriate for an armless figure...). Here's the full run: Image

Here's a close-up of the top row... which I'll refer to as the "good figures." And by that I mean expensive as all get-out. Image

And here's a close-up of the other six "lame figures." I mean... there's a good reason why there aren't any Jord Dusat focus collectors. Image

Now I hear you out there now, "Bill Bill! That run isn't complete! Where's Boba Fett and A-Wing Pilot??!! YOU SUCK!!" To that I replay, "Bah! I already have a Boba Fett and an A-Wing Pilot MOC! My run is solid!!"

And I hear you out there again after that, "Bill Bill! That run isn't complete! Where's VLIX??!! YOU SUCK TWICE AS MUCH!" And to that I reply, "But but... Vlix was only released in Brazil and these are Kenner figures and... and... yeah, you're right. I need Vlix. My run sucks. Anybody want a kidney?"

I complete this run just in time to start working on the upcoming Droids version of Star Wars Figures - Worst to First. The POTF countdown is currently in production and could be out any day now. Sometime soon I gotta work on picking up the cartoon Ewoks figures MOC... as painful as that'll be. Not particularly cost-painful... just aesthetically painful. Man, those Dulok things are awful...

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