Action Figures & Their Beers - Hop to it!

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2017-06-23, 17:32:55


I booked the weekend off for my birthday so I can catch up with some reviews and drink some beers. Mostly drink some beers. Because I soon have to start a rather imposing diet in an attempt, by December, to try to fit into some wedding clothing that does not need to be contructed around me by the guys who did Lt. Col. Glenn Manning’s outfits. Anywho, I will bring you three beer reviews this weekend, all containing TransFormers, the reason for which I will explain later.

The label on Badger Ales’ Leaping Legend reads: “Should you pass the hamlet of Bincombe and hear a slow ticking sound, look closely for the valiant grasshopper leaping further than any other, clattering his wings mid-flight. This light-coloured beer balances the citrus character of Amarillo hops with Fuggles hops for a refreshing and punchy beer. Great with Spanish-style tapas dishes.” Okay, so we’ve got “Legend” and “grasshopper” on the label, so who would suit this beer better than Legends-Class Kickback, the Insecticon grasshopper? Image

Delicious? Enh, a little heavy on the hops . . . hops. It starts out rich and toasty, then goes a bit too sourly hoppy at the end of a sip for my liking, and it’s 4.8% ABV. Not much else I can say. Probably my least favourite Badger ale to date (I’m not counting Snake’s Bite as an ale). Maybe if I let it get a few months to a year past its best-by date, it will have mellowed sufficiently for my tastes. Having said all that, it’s not actually a bad beer as far as these things go, it’s just not my bag, baby. And even the worst Badger ale is miles better than the mass-market horse piss that’s advertised on TV all the time.

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