Celebration Orlando – The Review

by Darth Danno
on 2017-06-01, 08:05:57

Yet again, in the hopes that those responsible for planning these events will of course read this, take everything as gospel, and make the necessary corrections for future Celebrations. Making improvements where necessary, and taking those areas that are good and making them even better. I give you my unbiased and impartial review of Celebration Orlando, using that rating scale we all know so well: A+ through F. I’ve also included the rating each received for Celebrations V, VI, and Anaheim. So let’s get to it!

ARTIST AREA: Worked as well as it did for Celebration VI and Anaheim, got all the prints I wanted with no problem whatsoever.
RATING: A+ (CV: D+ / CVI: A- / CA: A)

AUTOGRAPH AREA: Had a great list of talent, but spent @ 90% of the convention there! Couldn’t take in any panels and whatnot as I was always in a line for an autograph or photo-op. Should be able to get a ticket to be able to come back at a certain appointed time to cut down on wait times. Lines needed to be more organized and better defined. Also, having stars slated for only an hour and they can’t even stay the whole time???
RATING: B- (CV: A- / CVI: C / CA: C-)

CELEBRATION STORE: There was constantly a HUGE line, so I could never get into it with everything else I had already planned for each day. I would have loved to go into the store, but never got the chance due to the lines. Next time, people should be able to order all the Celebration store-exclusive swag they want online, then go to the show to pick it up! That way they also know how much of each product to manufacture, so they don’t end up with a surplus of one thing and run out of something else.
RATING: F (CV: B- / CVI: B / CA: D+)

CELEBRITY PHOTO OPS: The area was consistently jammed with attendees, making it hard to maneuver in and through it. I know they were not personally responsible for the individual stars and their schedules, but one star being tardy pushed everything and everyone else back! Plus, charging $15.00 for a digital download when all the other cons I’ve attended charge $10? How come no "Rebels" group photo-op? Plus, selling tickets for a photo-op they didn’t even have scheduled?? Other than that one though, I was able to get all the photo-ops I’d ordered.
RATING: B (CV: C+ / CVI: A / CA: A+)

PANELS: Would have liked to, but never got to any with everything else I had going on, but that wasn’t their fault.
RATING: NR (CV: No Rating / CVI: B- / CA: C+ )

CONVENTION FLOOR: Nicely laid out, was able to move around without too much trouble except when there was something going on "The Star Wars Show" stage. Also, the autograph and photo-op areas needed to be laid out better.
RATING: C+ (CV: A / CVI: A / CA: C)

CONVENTION OVERALL: As I stated last time, if they’re going to have this many people at a Celebration, it NEEDS to be 5 days and not 4. Once again, the "Star Wars Speed Dating", slots interfered with my already pre-set schedule, so I had to pass on that. No Slave Leia reunion. They had A Hasbro exclusive, and the Star Wars evening at Disney’s Hollywood studios is always welcome, but I was hoping they would bring back the "D-Tech Me" experience. Having transportation from the hotels to the convention center and back was a plus. Lots of exclusives to be had, but entering all those lotteries proved to be futile and I again had to rely on secondary markets like eBay to meet my needs. Never got to make it into Rancho Obi-Wan either.
RATING: B- (CV: B+ / CVI: B / CA: C)

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