Droids Custom IG-88: My new favorite toy!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-15, 07:14:31

I've been doing this custom thing for a while now. I did my first back in 2003, believe it or not! Sure, there was a decade break in there after I finished the first four, but that's still a lot of experience. As I gained experience, and perfected one thing after another, it got to a point where I pretty much had my craft perfected.

Except for one thing. The corners. I used a nailclipper to round out the corners, and while that was okay, the final product wasn't uniform.

Then I got this...

CreatureCantina.com Image

CreatureCantina.com Image

This is a corner punch. And it's brilliant! I decided while doing my 4-LOM custom that I wanted to find a corner punch for the cards, but it didn't go smoothly. First I bought one at a craft store. Despite what the reviews online said, that one couldn't accommodate a comic book backer board. Too thick. Thankfully, I could return that.

Next, I found an "industrial" punch online. When I got it - the corner cut was too small. It was this teeny little round corner - nothing close to what you see on Vintage cardbacks. At that point, my run of 4-LOMs was sitting there done except for the corners, and with no guarantee I'd find a punch I'd like any time soon, I went ahead and cut them all manually.

With a bit more searching, I found a punch on eBay with the correct corner radius. I ordered it, tried it out, and it was awesome. And here today, I reveal the results of this upgrade...

CreatureCantina.com Image

Check how perfect those corners are!!

CreatureCantina.com Image

All uniform and clean!

CreatureCantina.com Image

So - best customizing purchase since I found a guy to provide custom-sized bubbles! And it only took about 10 minutes to punch through the entire run! It used to take more than an hour! I couldn't be happier!

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