Droids Custom IG-88: Check out the attention to detail!

by Bill Cable
on 2017-03-08, 08:55:41

As I finish work on my IG-88 custom, I'd like to take this opportunity to direct attention to something I doubt even the people who own them really appreciate (or probably even notice). Sure, the fronts of my customs are awesome - the original artwork, all flashy and such. But what really sets mine apart, in my always humble opinion, is the small details which are most evident on the backs. Check this out:

CreatureCantina.com Image

You'll notice I've swapped out the photo and description of Uncle Gundy (Gundy for obvious reasons) with a new photo and description of this project's character. It seems straightforward, but it really isn't. First, I need to match the lighting, style, and background of the other eleven characters so perfectly that it looks like IG-88 is supposed to be there. This typically takes two or three layers in my Photoshop document, the original photo, and one or two masks to give that Vintage blueish, 4-color offset-printing look. IG-88 proved particularly challenging... I lit him too strongly on one side so getting the background to match in hue was a chore.

For the description, first I need to write it myself. Then I had to find the same font to match the other text. And I experimented over 3 or 4 customs to get the perfect blur so the text matches the Vintage card EXACTLY. If you look at my Zuckuss or Hammerhead, the text is slightly too sharp and a discerning eye can tell it'd different. And that I could no abide.

But that only works for the non-bold text. For the bold names both at the head of the description and beneath the character photo, I haven't found a perfect font match. You'd think just bold of the description text, but it just doesn't look right. So for those, I copy and paste letters from the other characters' names. IG-88 was particularly fun because... well... the IG was easy - TIG FROM. But there are no 8s in the other character names. So I copied the B from Boba Fett, erased the left half, then copied that and flipped it. And I'm REALLY happy with how that worked out!

I go through all of this effort on something nobody buy me ever notices, because I'm OCD insane... er... because I'm passionate about my art. But hopefully after this article, at least a few people will notice.

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