"Rogue One" - The Review

by Darth Danno
on 2017-03-08, 08:06:43

I figure everyone who reads the postings on this site (at least I hope) has by now seen the film and I may speak freely without anyone screaming that I gave important information away before they had a chance to experience this epic for themselves. So to make sure I cover all bases and let everyone know before they read any further that ***THIS CONTAINS a few SPOILERS***

As with "The Force Awakens", was it awesome? Most definitely. Best movie I've seen in a while? Most assuredly. Should it sweep not only the Oscar nominations, but the winning of the awards as well? Without question (I know it was completely snubbed, but that's due to Hollywood being unable to deal with absolute perfection, and nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of "RO"). Was it the best Star Wars movie ever? No. Currently, here is how I rank them (this has been revised and updated from the post I made with "TFA" review): #1 - Episode IV, #2 - Episode VII, #3 - Rogue One, #4 - Episode V, #5 - Episode VI, #6 - Episode I, #7 - Episode III, and #8 - Episode II.

I really loved everything about this film. From the story to the casting, and everything in between. Not trying to be morbid, but I felt it was fitting that everyone in the Rogue One squad died, and not everyone EXCEPT the leading lady and man. One thing I noticed was that most everyone either died in an explosion, or from one. None of the main cast died from being shot, taken out in the destruction of a ship/fighter, struck down by a lightsaber, etc… I would have liked to see more of Donnie Yen's martial arts prowess, but at least he wasn't the first one to die either. Would have loved to have seen Jyn Erso in a Slave Leia-like bikini, not for any meaningful or necessary addition to the plot, just for the fact that Felicity Jones is quite beautiful, and seeing her like that would make one heck of a fantasy for a lonely, single, depre…but I digress. So before this article becomes less and less like a proper posting for this fine site, and more and more like an article you'd find in Penthouse Forum, let's move on.

Unlike "The Force Awakens" where I had multiple points to pick apart (did Han and Leia ever get married, or did they simply "shack up", going with a 3rd Death Star, etc... read the review from 1-6-16 for the full article) I was left with only one question. We see R2 and 3-PO standing at the Rebel base, watching all the Rebel pilots fly off to Scarif. We'd just heard that Admiral Raddus had returned to his ship and was going to fight. We know the droids have to be aboard Leia's ship for the start of Episode IV, and Leia's ship was docked to Raddus's command ship at the end of "Rogue One", so when did 3PO and R2 get on board?

So again, using a rating system where 5 is superior, 4 is excellent, three is good, two fair, and one poor, I'm going to give this film **** stars. I've seen it 20 times so far and would be willing to see it again if I could find a theater relatively nearby that was playing it. I've already pre-ordered the exclusive DVD/Blu-Ray copies from Target, Best Buy, and Walmart and look forward to watching it many more times in the comfort of my own home. The Force is definitely with the Star Wars franchise, and here's hoping it's with Rian Johnson as well as he finishes his work on Episode VIII.

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